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Bob Marks provides complete service from fixing leaky toilets to whole house re-plumbs. Call us first before you remodel your bathroom or any new construction, as preplanning complete plumbing solutions will save you time and money.

Leaky Toilets - One of the leading reasons why your water bill may be too high. We can usually fix the problem in less than an hour.

Copper Pipes Leaking - If you have noticed a damp area around baseboards, flooring or dry wall, the culprit may be your copper pipes. Unfortunately SouthWest Florida homes have been found to have these leaks sometimes in less than 10 years. We have the state of the art equipment saving you money in diagnosing the problem and offer the right solution to fix it.

Water Heater Problems - Many problems can be repaired quite economically on the first call. If it's time for a replacement we will invest the time to make sure you understand your options. We offer solar solutions, tankless and standard water heaters. We will work with you through the decision making process and understanding the current tax credits and government rebates. http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=rebate.rebate_locator

Drain Cleaning with Electric Machine - Some plumbers can get your drain to start working again, but don't have the right equipment to really get it clean. What happens then? You wind up with the same problems over and over again. Bob has the proper equipment to not just get your drains to work, but get them really clean. That means years of properly working drains rather than years of unnecessary calls to your plumber.

Remodeling your Bathroom or Kitchen - Many times when people are remodeling they call the tile and shower guy in and forget that the real planning needs to be done first by a plumber. By calling Bob first, you can save yourself time and money and make sure that you won't be ripping up that new tile because the plumbing wasn't done right.

All this, and a clean truck that won't leak oil on your driveway!

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